Buzzword Bingo Page

Have you ever been in a meeting, bored to tears by some corporate zombie spouting jargon, wishing for something more interesting to do? Have you ever made a list of all the wonderful terms these people use? You know, sentences like this one from Dilbert: "We need to migrate our values to the white spaces in the ecosystem." If so, you and your cow orkers need Buzzword Bingo. Unlike the Xeroxed pages that have been handed around for a year or so, this cool shareware program creates randomized bingo sheets.

This program also has other uses. A teacher friend plans to use it for spelling exercises or introduction games. A trade show organizer used it to make sure people visited a certain number of booths. You could use it for vocabulary words, tests, etc. Use your imagination.

I wish I could lay claim to inventing the game, but I read about it in The Wall Street Journal in about 1998. But as far as I know, this is the first program of its kind.

After downloading the zip file, double click on it. On most operating systems, it will show you the contents, and you can run Setup.EXE directly from there to install Buzzword Bingo. On older systems (Windows 98, and perhaps NT) you may need to use WinZip to extract the files to a temporary directory. Once you have done that, run Setup.EXE to install.

Download Buzzword Bingo here

If you have comments or suggestions for improvements in this program, as well as additional words that should be in the list, send them to

John Cole <>

This program is shareware. If you like it, I request (but do not demand) that you send $10.00 per copy to Infopoint Systems, Inc. P.O. Box 795663, Dallas Texas 75379. Thank you for playing. Enjoy.