Custom Programming

Infopoint also does various things on a contract basis. We have considerable expertise in all aspects of software development, from business applications to operating systems to computer telephony integration.

Programming language skills include:

When evaluating a programming shop for custom software, remember that programming itself is only about 25 percent of the job. The other 75 percent is the analysis of the problem and the written or online documentation that must accompany the finished product. We have excellent programming skills, but we also have excellent analysis and writing skills on our staff.

During our 23 years in business, we have implemented everything from major systems for large clients such as Compaq down to installing three-computer LANs for small shops.

We revel in those programming tasks that nobody else seems to be able to do, including data-format conversions, low-level programming such as device drivers, and interfacing various devices such as scales and meters. We work mostly in C/C++ and Visual Basic because of the demand for Windows programs.  Java is also becoming a favorite because it is, at least nominally, cross-platform. One of our favorite DOS languages for quick one-time programs is SNOBOL4 , since I worked on the Spitbol project at Illinois Institute of Technology back in the early 1970s. The main thing is that we always pick the appropriate language for the project. E-mail us at <> or call 972/669-4700 for more information and rates.

For a sample of our work, check out PatentPro, by Kernel Creations.

What we aren't. We are not a retail computer store and we do our best not to sell computers. There is no showroom. We sell only those things to which we can add significant value, either by installation, training, or custom software.

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